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Trust, Safety & Insurance

Trust, Safety & Insurance

Trust & Safety
Everything is done to ensure that Europe Carpooling is most effective in terms of security. First we check up the identity of our members for example through the certification of their mobile phone number and email address. Then the community uses the profiles and opinion to estimate the members and set aside those who do not follow the rules.

Europe Carpooling is a real transport network based on a trusting community. That is why during registration, Europe Carpooling request your real name (nickname prohibited) and a real photo. In addition to certifying your email and phone number, Europe Carpooling offers now the "Facebook Connect". This feature lets you view your social network, which reassures the other commuters because you confirm your real identity.
Member Review
Trust is at the heart of all communities and Europe Carpooling is no exception. Trust is visible in carpooling because whenever two members meet during a journey, they evaluate our website and build their "online reputation". This means that before planning your trip you can read reviews and comments from other members and benefit from the experience of others.

The choice
On Europe Carpooling, you select with whom you will travel. Passengers select their choice of drivers, and in turn, drivers accept or decline requests quickly. To assist members in making their choice, plus reviews, Europe Carpooling displays information about recent activity and level of experience of each. With this you can confidently choose the person with whom you are traveling.

Professional moderation
Europe Carpooling to a team that examines the content published on the site and ensure that exchanges between members are always courteous and responsible. All photos, comments and profiles are checked to ensure confidence in the community and provide a service, the most reliable and of good quality.

Carpooling Carpooling proposed by Europe is to make a journey with others, in sharing the costs, without making a profit for the driver. In this context, no additional insurance is required vis-à-vis third parties, who will be compensated in case of accident by the liability of the driver (such insurance is compulsory).

Carpooling Europe needs your phone number to verify your identity and to send you alerts when organizing a trip. If you prefer to receive emails or you just do not have time to answer, simply activate the Hidden option number and your phone number will not be displayed on your profile. And thanks to the internal messaging system, you may contact any member without disclosing your email address. When a member you wrote, we notify you by email to let you know that a message awaits. It's simple, and your details remain confidential.